Cassandra Duffill was born in Melbourne, but relocated to the Gold Coast as a young child with her family and considers herself a Queenslander at heart.  She completed primary school at Musgrave Hill Primary in Southport and secondary studies at Southport State High School.  Completing a business marketing degree at Griffith University Gold Coast in 1997, she relocated to Sydney to work in corporate marketing.

Across a number of years she worked for dynamic brands including McDonald’s, Vodafone and Melbourne Airport, before returning to the Gold Coast to start a family.  Personal interest led Cassandra to natural therapies and in her 30’s with two toddlers, she returned to tertiary studies.  Cassandra won a national scholarship to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.

In 2014, as a solo parent to two young boys, she started her naturopathic clinic.  Over the past eight years she has support hundreds of clients with chronic health issues, adults and children alike.  In 2020 Cassandra blended her marketing skills and naturopathic prowess, offering business growth marketing for health & wellness entrepreneurs.

Cassandra’s love of helping and supporting people has always been evident.  In her early career she was always the first to step up and take on client facing roles, as she had a knack for supporting people in crisis.  

Not from a political or privileged background, Cassandra’s parents were hard working, average Australians. Her father had a vehicle spray painting business and her mother worked various casual roles, before being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when Cassandra was just a child.  A victim of medical negligence herself, Cassandra is one of many thousands of women nation wide injured by pelvic mesh.  

Cassandra is a business-minded person and a dynamic entrepreneur with a particular interest in small business and local tourism, and the employment opportunities it offers the community.  Due to her personal and family experience, she is also a keen advocate for the disabled and those suffering medical negligence.

Above all else Cassandra loves home, family and community. An avid gardener, you’ll often see pictures of her home vegie garden and her chickens (affectionately known as “the girls”) on her social media.

A unique voice in the political landscape, Cassandra offers both a fresh perspective and the passion of someone who is a keen prochoice advocate, and who desperately wants to see positive change in our country.

Why Am I Doing This?

I am 45 years old and although I’ve voted my entire adult life, I can’t say I ever felt like my vote counted.  It felt like we were always choosing between two bad options and no real or positive change ever seemed forthcoming.

Then in the last two years our basic rights and freedoms have been eroded. We’ve lost our jobs and incomes, been forced into lockdowns and business closures, and been coerced to take vaccinations – whether we wanted to or not.  Like so many others, I reached my breaking point and it was time to stand up.

I believe for the first time in my life, we have the opportunity to make a change to the political landscape in Australia. Our vote can truly count this time and we can achieve the change we desperately need!

Why Should You Trust Me?

  • I’m not a career politician, I’m just an average Aussie who is hoping to make a difference.
  • In my life I’ve been a struggling solo parent, a dynamic entrepreneur, and everything in between.  I know the struggles of real life, unlike our career politicians.
  • You can talk to me, share your concerns and I’ll always try and find a way to help. 
  • I’m very approachable and am always happy to chat. Please save my number and use it (now when does a politician ever say that?!).

Cassandra Duffill Wright United Australia Party

Cassandra Duffill – UAP Candidate for Wright Gold Coast.

Cassandra Duffill - Bio

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“I am devastated at what this country has become over the past two years.  The “free” country, the “lucky” country – what happened to those?  This is not what I want my children, or yours, to grow up in or inherit.  Only we can be the change our children need.  That is why I felt compelled to run in our Federal Election this year” – Cassandra Duffill, UAP candidate for Wright

Cassandra Duffill Wright UAP


Cassandra Duffill – UAP Candidate for Wright

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I work and live, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community.  I pay respect to Elders past, present & emerging.